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LESSELS Genealogy Lessels Pedigree chart male female marriage, country & chart CAIRNIE James NESS Isabel 1754 Scotland 130-131 CAIRNIE James Katherine about 1729 Scotland 260-261 COCHRANE Robert LESSELS Margaret 1856 Scotland chart 16-17[1] CUTHBERT John Unknown about 1820 England 46-47 De LECELLES Alexander before 1285 France De LESSEPS Ferdinand before 1849 France De LASSELL John De RAMSAY Elizabth before 1340 Scotland GILLIES Samuel SOMMERVILLE Elizabeth 1822 Scotland 18-19 GILLIES William WILSON Margaret about 1790 Scotland 36-37 GILLIES Samuel MURRAY Margaret about 1765 Scotland chart 72-73 GRAY Thomas MOYES Euphan about 1735 Scotland 258-259 HANNAH John STARKIE Elizabeth about 1795 England 90-91 HANNAH Matthew Mary about 1769 England 180-181 HANNAH John NORTHING Anne about 1732 England 360-361 HANNAH Matthew Margaret about 1699 England 720-721 HENDERSON Robert KILGOUR Margaret 1802 Scotland 34-35 LESSELS James Smith MANSSEN Bertha 1900 New Zealand 4-5 LESSELS James Smith ORGAN Mary A 1895 New Zealand 4-5 LESSELS John GILLIES Margaret 1855 England 8-9 (refer Images) LESSELS John HENDERSON Mary 1829 Scotland 16-17 (refer Images) LESSELS John NEFKENS Gertrude A H 1873 Scotland 16-17 LESSELS John MURRAY Elizabeth H 1804 Scotland 32-33 LESSELS John CAIRNIE Mary 1783 Scotland 64-65 LESSELS John GRAY Christian 1760 Scotland 128-129 LESSELS John WATT Margaret about 1732 Scotland 256-257 LESSELS John HENDERSON Geils about 1709 Scotland 512-513 LESSELS Andrew MOORHEAD Elizabeth 1676 Scotland 1024-1025 LESSELS Ancient Lessels familiesAll LESSELS Lessels family history All LESSELS Patrick WATSON Isabel about 1708 Scotland LESSELS John BROWN Christian 1701 Scotland LESSELS Thomas HENDERSON Margaret 1703 Scotland LESSELS John WHYT Margaret 1637 Scotland MANSSEN Charles F H MARRIS Emma Elizabeth 1874 New Zealand 10-11 MANSSEN George H C LISAHL Johanna C E about 1840 Germany 20-21 MARRIS William CUTHBERT Ann 1850 England 22-23 MARRIS William UTTING Betsy Ann 1862 England 22-23 MARRIS William HANNAH Elizabeth 1822 England 44-45 MARRIS William HARRISON Elizabeth 1822 England 44-45 MARRIS John Elizabeth about 1793 England 88-89 MURRAY Robert SUTHERLAND Mary 1782 Scotland 66-67 NESS James SEITH Mary about 1713 Scotland 262-263 NESS James Isabel about 1690 Scotland 524-525 SCOTT Michael unknown before 1285 Scotland SOMMERVILLE George BELL Helen about 1788 Scotland 38-39 WATT Robert HEGGIE Helen about 1709 Scotland 514-515
HARRIS Genealogy Harris Pedigree Chart Wallacetown Junction / White House Hotel Invercargill male female marriage, country & chart CROSS John Elizabeth about 1823 England 50-51 FISHER Edward A LUESTRANGE Margaret I 1880 New Zealand 14-15 FISHER Thomas PALMER Harriet 1843 England 28-29 FISHER Thomas unknown about 1815 England 56-57 HARRIS William John FISHER Harriet Agnes 1909 New Zealand 6-7 HARRIS George MORRIS Alice 1878 New Zealand 12-13 HARRIS George Thomas CROSS Ann 1849 England 24-25 MORRIS Richard WELLS Jane 1858 England 26-27 MORRIS William JOHNSON Constance 1875 New Zealand 26-27-1 MORRIS William BEAMISH Rosalie 1884 New Zealand 26-27-1 MORRIS Henry Joseph MOYLAN Honora 1884 New Zealand 26-27-2 PALMER Mary about 1812 England 58-59 WELLS Lowden Alice about 1823 England 54-55
YATES Genealogy Yates Pedigree Chart male female marriage,country & chart CURTIS James Charles BROWN Honor/Hannah about 1838 England 22-23 GODWIN Edward Unknown Female about 1826 England 42-43 GREENHALGH John POLLITT Rachel about 1784 England 70-71 RYMAN George Edward CURTIS Alice 1883 England 10-11 RYMAN William Robert GODWIN Emma 1848 England 20-21 RYMAN William Robert GEARING Mary 1820 England 40-41 RYMAN John HARRIS Jane 1789 England 80-81 RYMAN James HAREWELL Caroline Clara 1868 England chart 80-81-4-7 SCHOLES James TAYLOR Ann 1822 England 18-19 SCHOLES Scholes BROMERLEY Ann 1816 England 36-37 SCHOLES Scholes LOMAX Betty 1797 England 36-37 SCHOLES Richard LOMAX Martha 1769 England 72-73 SCHOLES James GREENHAULGH Ann 1733 England 144-145 SCHOLES Peter HAMPSON Isabell 1702 England 288-289 YATES Thomas RYMAN Florence 1904 England 4-5 YATES Thomas SCHOLES Ann 1856 England 8-9 YATES YATES Rachael about England 16-17 YATES Peter GREENHALGH Dorothy about 1815 England 34-35 The Early SCHOLES Family History
TAYLOR Genealogy Taylor Pedigree Chart male female marriage, country & chart BLUNDELL George Ann about 1814 England 62-63 BOYLE Thomas FANNING Ellen about 1836 Ireland 54-55 BOYLE Thomas FLANAGAN Frances 1853 New Zealand 54-55 ELLIOTT Alfred William TAYLOR Florence Stella 1918 New Zealand 12-13-3 KILSBY Thomas BLUNDELL Alice about 1841 England 30-31 LECKIE Stewart BOYLE Margaret 1864 New Zealand 26-27 LECKIE Stewart COOK Janet Betsy 1890 Australia 26-27 LECKIE Stewart SEAGAR Lillian Annie 1894 Auckland 26-27-3 LECKIE James Edward C MARKS Frances Louisa 1891 Dunedin 26-27-4 LECKIE Stewart MCQUEEN Agnes 1840 Scotland 52-53 LECKIE Stewart MCQUEEN Agnes 1879 New Zealand 52-53 LECKIE Archibald BOWIE Helen 1798 Scotland 104-105 MCQUEEN Robert Helen about 1818 Scotland 106-107 TAYLOR Edward WILBY Minnie 1902 New Zealand 6-7 (refer Images) TAYLOR Charles Thomas LECKIE Agnes 1878 New Zealand 12-13 TRAINOR William Fredk. TAYLOR Edith Emily 1901 New Zealand 12-13-2 WILBY Thomas BLUNDELL Georgina 1862 England 14-15 WILBY Thomas WORKMAN Amelia 1895 New Zealand 14-15 WILBY Thomas MARMONT Amelia 1895 New Zealand 14-15 WILBY James CLAYSON Mary 1827 England 28-29 WILBY William WOODWARD Ann about 1800 England chart 56-57 WILBY William PASEWELL Damaris unknown England chart 56-57 WILBY Joseph CROFT Mary about 1766 England chart 112-113 WILBY Joseph UNKNOWN Jane unknown England chart 112-113 WILBY John KINGMAN Ann about 1716 England chart 244-245 WILBY William UNKNOWN Ann about 1692 England chart 448-449
BELL Genealogy Bell Pedigree Chart male female marriage, country & chart ANTHONY William LUSHER Sarah 1811 England 234-235 ANTHONY William Mary about 1790 England 468-469 ANTHONY William TILLETT Mary 1800England 468-469 ANTHONY William BRAGG Sarah 1801 England 468-469 BELL Charles Jamieson GARRATT Hilda Annie about 1933 New Zealand 4-5 BELL Peter Jamieson WHALE Alice Rebecca 1905 New Zealand 8-9 BELL Peter Jamieson MURLEY Elizabeth 1871 New Zealand 16-17 BELL Neil JAMIESON Jessie 1849 Australia 32-33b BLY William COOK Susanna 1863 England 58-59 BLIGH Robert ANTHONY Mary Ann 1841 England 116-117 BLIGH John TOOLEY Mary 1797 England 232-233 COOKE William ANDREW Ann 1836 England 118-119 COOKE William MADDER Frances 1846 England 118-119 COOKE William CODMAN Mary 1797 England 236-237 EAST Sydney Colin WESTWOOD Nina Loyis 1936 New Zealand 6-7 EAST Sydney Robjohns WARREN Vesta Eleanor 1902 New Zealand 12-13 EAST James ROBJOHNS Mary Wilmot about 1873 England 24-25 GARRATT Samuel SHAW Bridget 1906 New Zealand 10-11 GARRATT Samuel ALLEN Ann 1873 Australia 20-21 HART William GOOCH Frances 1769 England 958-959 LEWIS Arthur H VOYLE Rosetti about 1885 England 30-31 LEWIS Abraham Mary about 1838 England 120-121 LEWIS Thomas TAYLOR Ellen about 1859 England 60-61 LUSHER Thomas UNDAY Mary 1776 England 470-471 MADDER John TOWERS Frances 1815 England 238-239 MADDER William Mary about 1790 England 476-477 MURLEY William Walker OLIVE Rebecca 1835 England 34-35 MURLEY William EASTEAD Jane about 1806 England 68-69 OLIVE Joseph CLARK Elizabeth about 1807 England chart 70-71 ROBJOHNS Charles DRAKE Elizabeth about 1829 England 50-51 SHAW Matthew COYLE Catherine about 1878 Ireland 22-23 SLOAN SLOWAN Patrick JAMIESON Jessie 1836 Scotland chart 32-33a TOWERS Richard HART Frances 1789 England 478-479 VOYLE Thomas Mary about 1857 England 62-63 WARREN John INGLIS Elizabeth about 1867 New Zealand 26-27 WARREN John HEARD Harriet about 1843 England 52-53 WESTWOOD George E B LEWIS Rose Ellen 1910 New Zealand 14-15 WESTWOOD Thomas BLY Sarah 1887 New Zealand 28-29 WESTWOOD Edward SMITH Elizabeth about 1863 England 56-57 WESTWOOD Edward Hannah about 1829 England 112-113 WHALE Isaiah RICHARDS Minnie 1878 New Zealand 18-19 WHALE Robert CAMPBELL Isabella 1850 England 36-37 WHALE Joseph Rebecca about 1827 England 72-73
HUNT/HUNN Genealogy Hunt/Hunn Pedigree Chart male female marriage, country & chart DAY Reginald Richard CAREY Eliza Jane about 1903 England chart 12-13 DOWNHAM James MOSS Mary about 1809 England chart 70-71 FRANCIS John PEARCE Mrs about 1837 England chart 126-127 FOLLETT Charles GUDGE Sarah Ann about 1849 England 46-47 FOLLETT John MONCKTON Hannah about 1825 England 92-93 GUDGE John SPEARING Hannah about 1822 England 94-95 HUNT Frederick John WOODHAM Noeline Evelda 1934 New Zealand 4-5 HUNN Levi Thomas KOK Maria Magdalena 1910 New Zealand 8-9 HUNN John MINCHIN Emma 1866 England 16-17 HUNN James JONES Martha about 1833 England 32-33 KEMPTON Henry William SWAN Esther Jane 1892 New Zealand 30-31 KEMPTON Thomas HODDER Elizabeth M about 1857 New Zealand 60-61 KEMPTON Thomas KING Mary Ann about 1829 England 120-121 KEMPTON Edward WARE Jemima about 1803 England chart 240-241 KOK Jacob Johannes SMIT Francina Sopia 1883 South Africa 18-19 KOK Jacob Johannes SCHOOMBIE Janetta A W 1897 South Africa 18-19 KOK Jacob Johannes FERREIRA Maria M about 1843 South Africa 36-37 KOK Gideon Jacobus VERMAAK Jacomina J about 1814 South Africa 72-73 KOK Cornelia DE JAGER Catharina R about 1781 South Africa 144-145 KOK Johannes Jacobus VAN ROOYEN Johanna J about 1749 South Africa 288-289 MARR Michael FOLLETT Mary Anne 1874 New Zealand 22-23 MARR Michael GASGOYNE Mary Anne about 1848 Ireland 44-45 MINCHIN George DOWNHAM Kezia 1845 England 34-35 SUNNEX Clarence Percy KEMPTON Amy May 1923 New Zealand 14-15 SWAN Stephen FRANCIS Sarah Ann about 1848 New Zealand chart 62-63 WILLS Edward Thomas HARKETT Louisa Edith about 1900 England 14-15 WOODHAM William Gideon MARR Catherine Eliza 1898 New Zealand 10-11 WOODHAM James BURGESS Sarah about 1859 England 20-21 WOODHAM James Martha about 1831 England chart 40-41
FURJES Genealogy Furjes Pedigree Chart male female marriage, country & chart COULL Thomas Philip CROXFORD Annie L 1874 New Zealand 26-27 FURJES Lajos GYARFAS Margit about 1928 Hungary 4-5 FURJES UNKNOWN about 1903 Hungary 8-9 GYARFAS Martin KEREKES Julia about 1903 Transalvania 10-11 GOODE Frederick Arthur HIGGS Mary Ann 1896 New Zealand 14-15 GOODE John KEEN Sarah Ann about 1867 England 28-29 HIGGS Charles WRIGHT Julia about 1862 England 30-31 HIGGS William FISHER Caroline about 1812 England 60-61 WILLIAMS Albert Edward GOODE Milicent Julia 1927 New Zealand 6-7 WILLIAMS Charles COULL Charlotte 1898 New Zealand 12-13 WILLIAMS William Henry HODGE Kezia about 1854 England 24-25
FOOTE Genealogy Foote Pedigree Chart male female marriage, country & chart BENNETT Benjamin THORP Johanna about 1860 Scotland chart 30-31 BOYD John BENNETT Joanna 1892 New Zealand chart 14-15 BOYD John RAE Ann about 1859 Scotland chart 28-29 BRANIGAN Peter Nicholas RITSON Eliza Ann 1889 New Zealand chart 10-11 BRANIGAN Peter Thomas PETFORD Clara 1862 New Zealand chart 20-21 EVANS William KENDRICK Julia Ann about 1829 England chart 46-47 FOOTE George Theodore BRANIGAN Gladys Pearl 1913 New Zealand chart 4-5 FOOTE George HOOK Caroline Amelia 1873 England chart 8-9 FOOTE George BOWEER Avice 1838 England chart 16-17 MARTIN Edward BOYD-STUART Annie Sharp about 1932 New Zealand chart 6-7 PETFORD John CASSERA Merina Antene 1839 England chart 42-43 RITSON Thomas Hughes EVANS Matilda 1851 England chart 22-23 RITSON Thomas Hughes MATTHEWSON Ann 1837 England chart 22-23 RITSON Thomas HUGHES Mary about 1820 England chart 44-45 STUART George Leslie BOYD Annie Sharp 1918 New Zealand chart 6-7 STUART George Leslie NIVEN Jean Hawthorne about 1932 New Zealand chart 6-7 STUART William George FENSOM Matilda about 1896 Australia chart 12-13
THORN Genealogy Thorn Pedigree Chart male female marriage, country & chart HUMPHREYS John CAMPBELL Mary Jane about 1847 India chart 10-11 NEWPORT Samuel WILLSDEN Ann about 1824 England chart 18-19 ORGAN William Henry JACKSON Mary Ann 1870 New Zealand chart 14-15 THORN Cecil Walter LESSELS Ivy Gillies 1923 New Zealand chart 2-3 THORN Walter HUMPHREYS Frances Jane 1887 New Zealand chart 4-5 THORN John NEWPORT Mary Ann 1849 New Zealand chart 8-9
Other Miscellaneous Genealogies Over many years other family historians have contacted me about unrelated genealogies. I have compiled some of these unrelated genealogies and followed them up with additional research. I hope the contents will assist other family historians in locating additional information about their ancestors. BARR, MCNICOL & MCLAREN Genealogies MCFLINN & HANLEN Genealogies PHILLIPS & DALEY Genealogies SLOSS & PAHL Genealogies STRANGE Ollie Genealogies
Family History draft publications Through the years I have created some draft family histories. Like all researchers I am always locating additional information and adding it to the manuscripts which continually delays publication. By placing these draft publications on the web everyone can print off the relative documentation that relates to their family tree and create their own publication. BOYLE the Fencible Family of Howick Introduction to draft family history Chapter One - The first generation from Ireland to New Zealand Thomas BOYLE and Ellen FANNING and Frances FLANAGAN Chapter Two - First born and descendants James BOYLE and Jane FAHEY Children and descendants of James and Jane Boyle Mary Ellen BOYLE and Ernest Charles Frederick ZUGE Thomas Edward BOYLE and Mary Ann Josephine SHERRY Michael Fahey BOYLE and Mabel Ann PEARCE Chapter Three - Second born and descendants Edward BOYLE and Ellen COYLE (5 Issue) Children and descendants of Edward and Ellen Boyle Alice BOYLE and Frances William CONWAY Ellen, Mary-Anne and Thomas BOYLE Ellen BOYLE and William Henry JOHNSON Chapter Three - Second born and descendants continued Edward BOYLE and Hannah HILLS (3 Issue) Children and descendants of Edward Boyle and Hannah Hills James HILLS-BOYLE and Anne MILBANK Dorothy Margaret HILLS-BOYLE and James WILSON Gladys Annie Matilda HILLS-BOYLE and Thomas William SAVAGE Chapter Four - Third born and descendants Thomas BOYLE and Georgina MILES Children and descendants of Thomas and Georgina Boyle Thomas Charles BOYLE and Sylvia Ethel GILES Chapter Five - Fourth born and descendants Margaret BOYLE and Stewart LECKIE Children and descendants of Margaret and Stewart Leckie Agnes LECKIE and Charles Thomas TAYLOR Stewart LECKIE and Lillian Annie SEAGAR James Edward Charles and Frances Louisa MARKS Chapter Five - The 2nd marriage of widower Stewart Leckie Stewart LECKIE and Janet Bessie CARSON nee COOK Chapter Six – The BOYLE family reunion in 1997
MANSSEN family in New Zealand Introduction to the Manssen Family History Chapter One - First generation from Germany to New Zealand George Heinrich Conrad MANSSEN and Johanna Catherine Elisabeth LISAHL [a] The Voyage to Nelson [b] Conditions in Nelson [c] Upper Moutere [d] Back to Nelson [e] Home in Wakapuaka Chapter Two - Second Generation [1] Charles Henry MARTIN [2] Caroline Louisa Henrietta MANSSEN and William PAGE William PAGE his parents & siblings [3] Charles Frederick Henry MANSSEN and Emma Elizabeth MARRIS Emma Elizabeth MARRIS her parents & siblings [4] Mary Elizabeth MANSSEN [5] Eliza MANSSEN Chapter Three - Third Generation Descendants of Caroline and William PAGE [1] Caroline Mary PAGE and Daniel BARNES [2] Amy Elizabeth PAGE and William Thomas FROST [3] Charles PAGE and Olive Gertrude WRATTEN [4] Lilian Ida PAGE and John Thomas BARNES [5] Edith PAGE and Alfred John SLOSS [6] Bertha PAGE and Frederick James LILEY [7] Albert William PAGE and Flora Alice BARNES [8] Florence PAGE and Thomas George FLOWER [9] Ethel PAGE and Archibald SIMPSON [10] Catherine Alice PAGE and Herbert Samuel CLOSE [11] Annie Amelia PAGE and Edward READ [12] Alfred Edgar PAGE and Ruby Florence MOWATT Chapter Four - Third Generation Descendants of Charles and Emma MANSSEN [1] Carl William MANSSEN [2] Alice Edith MANSSEN and Edward Lewis BATT [3] John Harold MANSSEN and Malvina Louisa GIBSON [4] Bertha MANSSEN and James Smith LESSELS [5] Mary Ethel MANSSEN and Albert Ernest COOK [5A] Albert's KOCH & STEINMULLER ancestors [6] Margaret Eva MANSSEN [7] Percy MANSSEN and Teresa Mary GOODE [8] Conrad Marris MANSSEN and Emily Ethel MILLS [9] Hilda Jane MANSSEN and Thomas John ROBERTSON [10] William Cuthbert MANSSEN and Inez Muriel RICKETTS [11] Frederick Henry MANSSEN and Ruby Julia SHAW [12] Norman MANSSEN and Eliza BATE [13] Francis Moss MANSSEN and Letitia Mary REYNOLDS [14] Ruby MANSSEN [15] May MANSSEN Chapter Five - General information covering the first three MANSSEN generations [a] Education for the MANSSEN family in New Zealand [b] Churches and Religion for the MANSSEN family in New Zealand [c] Final Resting Place of the MANSSEN family in New Zealand [d] MANSSEN family in the New Zealand Armed Services Please Note:- Full references and sources are being added to the MANSSEN online documents and there are minimum details regarding living descendants. In 1993 I published the family history titled "The Manssen Family in New Zealand". This publication differs from the website documents. The 1993 publication "The Manssen Family in New Zealand" is available at $50 per copy within New Zealand. Email request to (click on name) Lynly Yates and please include your full name and contact details. A copy will be forwarded once funds have been received.
ONE NAME RESEARCH While researching different family genealogies I have managed to gather additional information about other families that share the same surname but do not belong to our families genealogy. I have created various documents containing the information for others to share. If you have any alterations or alterations to add please let me know. The LECKIE families in New Zealand Introduction LECKIE Births, Baptisms and School records in New Zealand LECKIE Deaths, Burials and Probates in New Zealand LECKIE Marriages and Intention to Marry in New Zealand LECKIE New Zealand matched Births, Deaths and Marriages LECKIE Electoral Rolls, Directories and Jury Lists in New Zealand LECKIE Shipping and Miscellaneous NZ documents and records LECKIE Military service with New Zealand LECKIE Newspapers in New Zealand LECKIE Victoria University Law Library transcriptions LECKIE Spouse miscellaneous matched NZ Births, Deaths and Marriages LECKIE Family Genealogy groups LECKIE Family Genealogy descendants from groups LECKIE Family Genealogy groups husband wife date place arrived in NZ & group LECKIE William CRAWFORD Mary 1840 Wellington group 100 LECKY Alexander GODDARD Fanny 1856 Auckland 108 LECKIE James G SMITH Ann 1856 Dunedin group 103 LECKIE Stewart MCQUEEN Agnes 1857 Dunedin group 109 LECKIE John MUIRHEAD Agnes 1860 (about) Auckland group 101 LECKIE John SLATER-BROWN Mary 1860 (about) Auckland group 101 REID Alexander LECKIE Letitia 1861 Auckland group 110 LECKY Alexander REID Mary 1862 (about) Dunedin group 110 BUNCE John Henry LECKY Matilda Ann 1862 (about) Dunedin group 110 LECKIE John Militia NZ Wars 1862 Dunedin group 102 RIGG Mr LECKIE Katherine C 1862 (about) Wellington group 102 LECKIE John ALEXANDER Eliza Rose 1863 Dunedin group 106 LECKIE Edward BRENNAN Mary 1864 Auckland group 104 LECKIE John LYLE Isabella 1873 (about) Dunedin group 107 LECKIE Malcolm Marion surname unknown 1875 Auckland group 111 LECKIE William WINNING Henrietta 1876 Wellington group 105 LECKIE John SHAW Elizabeth 1876 Christchurch group 112 LECKIE John Single (1837 Scotland to 1876 Dunedin NZ) group 113 LECKIE wife details LECKIE Family Genealogy descendants from the above groups husband wife marriage, place & group LECKIE James MORGAN Ellen Gavin 1877 Dunedin 103-1 LECKIE Alexander WEIR Agnes 1875 Dunedin 103-2 LECKIE Archibald WADDELL Margaret 1883 Dunedin 103-3 LECKIE Robert GALBRAITH Lillian 1883 Dunedin 103-5 LECKIE John Smith ROBSON Sarah Philis 1893 Dunedin 103-8 LECKIE Richard MONEY Ellen 1897 Dunedin 103-9 LECKIE William Gunn FARQUHARSON Helen C 1894 Dunedin 103-10 LECKIE James Alexander CROCKETT Jemima Maria 1885 Invercargill 106-1 GILLER Harry Arthur LECKIE Eliza Scott 1903 Invercargill 106-2 LECKIE John Thomas SHIELDS Esther 1896 Invercargill 106-7 LECKIE Alexander R MITCHELL Mary Ann 1894 Invercargill 106-8 MITCHELL CAMERON Miscellaneous genealogy linked to 106-8-0 LECKIE Stewart BOYLE Margaret 1864 New Zealand 109-1 LECKIE Stewart SEAGAR Lillian Annie 1894 Auckland 109-1-3 LECKIE James Edward C MARKS Frances Louisa 1891 Dunedin 109-1-4 LECKIE Archibald COLLINS Mary 1884 Dunedin 109-2 LECKIE John WOOD Minnie 1884 Dunedin 109-3 LECKIE Robert MOWBRAY Barbara 1884 Dunedin 109-9 LECKIE William WATT Eliza Nicole Gore 1884 Dunedin 109-10 LECKIE wife details
DE THIERRY families in New Zealand Baron Charles Philip Hippolytus DE THIERRY died on the 08 July 1864 in Auckland New Zealand. On the dawn of 08 July 2009 145 years later I unveiled the DE THIERRY Whakapapa/Genealogy on the website. The Baron took a major part in the early history of New Zealand and there are many descendants that still bear the surname of DE THIERRY. Introduction and contents Section 1 - First Generation [a] Baron DE THIERRY [b] Ancestors of Baron DE THIERRY [c] Royal ancestors of Baron DE THIERRY Section 2 - Second Generation [1] Charles Thomas Frederick DE THIERRY & Mary NYE & Martha TE MOANANUI & Mary Jane BROWN [2] Richard Louis Francis James DE THIERRY & Herana Te WHAKAURIKA aka Sarah Ann WAITAI [3] George DE THIERRY [4] Isabel Caroline Louisa DE THEIRRY & Henry MATSON [5] John William DE THIERRY & Bonyhady Lucas AMA & Unknown Maori Women Section 3 - Third Generation and descendants [1] Caroline Mary DE THIERRY & Seth PARSONS [1] Male DE THIERRY-PARSONS [2] Martha Mary PARSONS & Alexander William MORRIS(unsure) [3] Giles Leslie PARSONS [4] Dorothy Adelaide PARSONS [2] Charles Richard DE THIERRY [3] Emily Mary DE THIERRY & Robert Alfred BURGESS [4] Frederick James DE THIERRY & Harriett LAYCOCK [1] Ada Emily Isabella DE THIERRY & David MORRISON [2] Della Amy DE THIERRY & John Frederick (Jack) SLATER [3] Lionel Nye DE THIERRY & Beryl Josephine HARDY [4] Muriel Joy DE THIERRY & Leo Norman GRIFFITHS [5] George Hammond DE THIERRY & Martha AKARAUTI & Mary REYNOLDS [1] Charles Harvey DE THIERRY & Jean RYRIE [2] Richard Louis Francis James DE THIERRY & Moengaroa RIHARI [3] George Hammond DE THIERRY & Harriet Adelaide MONTGOMERY [4] Isabella Reynolds DE THEIRRY & Dennis Arthur ELLIOTT [5] Jack William DE THIERRY & Hazel Madeline BURKE [6] Isabella Margaret DE THEIRRY & George McLellan BROADFOOT [7] Thomas Henry DE THIERRY & Lucy COLENSO [1] Thomas Arthur Henry DE THIERRY & Lillian HARVEY [2] Onward DE THIERRY [3] William Richard DE THIERRY & Ruru Ngapera WERI or PURU [4] Mary Harriet DE THIERRY [5] Virginia Sarah DE THIERRY & Howell ST Clair WILLIAMS [8] William George or George William DE THIERRY [9] William DE THEIRRY & Mary JEFFERIES [1] George DE THEIRRY & Rora WILLIAMS [2] Charles DE THEIRRY [3] Isabella (Bella) DE THIERRY [4] Matilda (Tilly) DE THIERRY [5] Anne DE THIERRY & Raharuhi MATATANI [6] Whaiti (Te Whaiti) DE THIERRY [7] John DE THIERRY [8] Macrea DE THIERRY & Victoria NEPE [9] Emily DE THEIRRY & MArtin HEREWINI [10]Dorothy Elizabeth DE THIERRY & Pere Poti Epiha NETANA Section 4 - DE THIERRY Miscellaneous transcriptions [a] NZ Births [b] NZ Deaths [c] NZ Marriages [d] NZ Matched BDM [e] NZ Miscellaneous Information Section 5 - Other families with different spellings [a] Gerard De Thierry SAMPSON & Ellen MAHONY
Other Research Projects While researching the different family genealogies I became interested in other subjects and events relating to my families research. Soon I had gathered various pieces of information that did not relate to my family but I knew would be of interest to other researchers. The documents below cover some of the subjects and events that I became interested in over the years. By sharing the information with others then I beleive that my time has not been wasted.
Birth, Death and Marriage registration transcripts While researching the different genealogies on this website I collected numerous New Zealand and Overseas birth, death and marriage registrations. A few of the registrations are unrelated to the genealogies on the website so I have transcribed everything to assist other family historians. Part 1 - Birth, death & marriage transcripts (New Zealand & Overseas) A to G Births, deaths & marriages H to L Births, deaths & marriages M to Q Births, deaths & marriages R to Z Births, deaths & marriages Intention to Marry (New Zealand only)
Deserters of the New Zealand Wars While creating the website, research for the deserters project has been delayed. Introduction contents & index A-B Deserters potted history C-C Deserters potted history D-G Deserters potted history H-K deserters potted history L-M Deserters potted history N-Q Deserters potted history R-S Deserters potted history T-Z Deserters potted history Repositories Militia records and transcriptions Combined List of Deserters A-Z New Zealand Gazettes 1871 List of Deserters New Zealand Medal Index Cards (not complete) Deserters list from R Stowers Wanganui Museum Library Militia records Wanganui Alexander Heritage Library Militia records New Plymouth Library Militia records Miscellaneous records and transcriptions Maori deaths & prisoners of the New Zealand Wars Work in Progress References & Sources (to be transcribed) Transcriptions of Army Department References
What Happened to the St Pauli Passengers While researching the MANSSEN family history I soon gathered a lot of information about other German families who traveled to New Zealand with the MANSSEN family on the ship "St Pauli". Introduction and contents Part 1 - From Germany to New Zealand The Voyage of the St Pauli and the German Emigrants Appendix V1 Draft passenger list Appendix V2 Embarkation register Appendix V3 Arrivial passenger list & remarks Appendix V4 Wohlers travel diary Part 1 Germany to Bahia Appendix V5 Wohlers travel diary Part 2 Bahia to New Zealand Appendix V6 Heine's diary & memories Appendix V7 JMC Bisley formerly Karsten's memories Appendix V8 Written Complaint by St Pauli Passengers at Bahai Appendix V9 New Zealand Company reports & correspondence Appendix V10 Alexander Turnbull Library Library references Part 2 - Conditions for the German settlers in Nelson New Zealand Conditions in Nelson Appendix C1 New Zealand Company index to major records Appendix C2 New Zealand Company [NZC] reports & correspondence Part 3 - Moutere the first German Settlement The first German settlement Appendix M1 CH Martin newspaper transcriptions of Moutere Appendix M2 NZC invoices, reports and correspondence Part 4 - The Moutere settlers return to Nelson The German settlers in Nelson Appendix N1 Naturization transcripts Appendix N2 NZC Public works documents Appendix N3 Other NZC documents Appendix N4 Newspaper articles, reports & letters to the Editor Part 5 - German families leave Nelson for Australia Emigranting to Australia Appendix A1 Skiold passenger list Appendix A2 Shipping intelligence and Port of Nelson records Appendix A3 Palmya passenger list Appendix A4 Newspaper reports about Germans Part 6 - The German settlers who remained in Nelson German Settlers in Nelson Appendix S1 Nelson 1845 census (German settlers) Appendix S2 Nelson 1849 census (German settlers) Appendix S3 NZ Journal 1849 report on German settlers Appendix S4 Library miscellaneous collections (German settlers) Part 7 - Potted history of the St Pauli passengers A-Z Germans who remained or returned to New Zealand A-Z Germans who settled in Australia or Overseas Part 8 - Potted histories of the Skiold passengers A-Z Germans who remined or returned to New Zealand A-Z Germans who settled in Australia or Overseas Part 9 - Chronological History of German Settlers in New Zealand History in chronological order
Hutt Valley Family Histories and Genealogies Alexander and Karry Family Auld and Sherman Family Balcombe-Brown and Baillie Family Barber and Woouldom Family Barton and Butler Family Benge and Roberts Family Brown and Flynn Family Burrell and Alexander Family Butler and Buckle Family Carrick and Unknown Family Comeskey and McCready Family Collins and Downey Family Cotter and Dixon and Haybittle Family Craig and Hodgson and Family Cruickshank and Mowat Family Dew and Davis Family Edwards and Jones Family Evans and Ladbrooke Family Geange and Barber and Satchell Family Gibbons and Young Family Golder and Taylor Family Gorrie and McGregor Family Hagan and Gillighan Family Hazelwood and Baker Family Hercock and Baldwin Family Hounslow and Jones Family Johnson and Lankow Family Keys and Welch Family Leckie and Crawford Family Lyster and Nickless Family Mabey and Croom Family Martin and Brown Family McCurdy and Jones Family McGhie and Barnes Family McHardie and Sharley Family Pudney and Davies Family Scholes and Symons Family Smith and Wallace Family Wagg and Pearson Family White and Phippen Family Whiteman and Martin Family Wilkie and White Family Wilson and Brown Family Wyeth and Runalls Family Hutt Valley Historical Projects Hutt Valley Directories, Electoral Rolls, Census & freeholders lists 1853-1978 Hutt Valley Electoral Rolls Information 1904 Hutt Valley Directory 1912 Hutt Valley Census Hutt Valley Schools and Education Schools in the Hutt Valley Hutt Valley Land information Land Deeds 1845-1851 in the Hutt Valley Land Deeds 1849-1858 in the Hutt Valley Land Information in the Hutt Valley New Zealand Crown Grants 1851-1852 covering residence in the Hutt Valley Hutt Valley Miscellaneous Information BDM Registration Districts and Registrars in the Hutt Valley Intention to Marry Applications 1863 in the Hutt Valley Cemeteries in the Hutt Valley Churches in the Hutt Valley Funeral Directors in the Hutt Valley Historical Societies in the Hutt Valley Rest Homes and Hospitals in the Hutt Valley Hutt Valley War Information Hutt Rifle Volunteers 1867 World War One Hutt Valley Statistics World War One Eastern Bays Service Personnel Days Bay - 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IMAGE GALLERY I would like to extend an invitation to anyone who would like to copy and email images such as photographs, paintings, maps and other historical miscellaneous documents that relate to the families recorded on the website so everyone can share the images along with the families genealogy. We can also place unidentified images on the website so that other family members can help to identify the immages. PAINTINGS MISCELLANEOUS IMAGES LESSELS genealogy TBA PHOTOGRAPHS of ancestors PHOTOGRAPHS of cemeteries & headstones TAYLOR genealogy BELL genealogy
PAINTINGS Some of our ancestors were artists and painted while other family members had their portraits painted. By sharing these images we share our heritage and we create different family galleries. LESSELS genealogy gallery of paintings Some of the Lessels ancestors who were Architects also painted while others were professional artist. Many of their watercolor and oil paintings have survived and have been copied to this website. I located on the internet information about 2 paintings by John LESSELS. [1]The painting was a framed watercolour of a Women washing laudry attribution Au Verco John Lessels 16 x 10 1/2 $60 Antique Auction 23 June 2005 Canada website http://www.kilshaws.com.images/050623_67.JPG [2]Painting went up for Auction (1992) at Christies London. I have been unable to locate any additonal information about these 2 paintings. John LESSELS 1809-1883 chart 16-17 1858 Blacadder House Scotland signed J Lessles watercolour John LESSELS 1833-1914 chart 8-9 1863 Country lane scene with faint image of a man signed Jno Lessels watercolour 1863 Seven cows grazing by the stream signed Jno Lessels watercolour 1864 Hayes County transport with mule and cart signed Jno Lessels watercolour 1884 Three cows crossing the river signed Jno Lessels oil 1884 Lady, child, dog and two cows by the stream signed Jno Lessels oil 1886c Person herding two cows for milking signed J Lessels oil 1890 County trees scene with faint image of church on hill signed J Lessels watercolour Church on the Hill signed J Lessels watercolour Two cows standing in the stream watercolour
MISCELLANEOUS IMAGES Early maps can often assist in locating were our ancestors once lived. There are many other valuable documents relating to our ancestors and by scanning and placing the images on the website we can then start to understand more about our ancestor’s life.
PHOTOGRAPHS of ANCESTORS Many of us hold old photographs of our ancestors while others have none but by copying photographs to this website we can all share the images and see what our ancestors looked like. TAYLOR genealogy gallery of photographs 1892c Minnie WILBY refer Taylor-Wilby chart 6-7
PHOTOGRAPHS of CEMETERIES & HEADSTONES Many of us do not know where are ancestors are buried and others have not visited the last resting place of their ansctor. This section will assist those in learning where their ancestors are buried and perhaps visit the cemeteries and assist in maintaining their headstone. BELL genealogy gallery of photographs 1917 Peter Jamieson BELL Timaru refer Bell-Murley chart 16-17